To an Athlete Dying Young: Poem Analysis

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Nearing the end of the poem, however, the poem’s image becomes less familiar or a bit ambiguous because it is unexpected. Housman believes dying young after achieving greatness or fame is the way to live, and the poem’s speaker attempts to convey the message of dying young to the runner ( ). The poem’s protagonist (the runner) also shares a few similarities and dissimilarities with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.. For instance, as we will shortly learn, both the runner and Dr. King did not live their full lives and passed away rather young; both accomplished great feats for their supporters; both will always be remembered positively; and both will never be forgotten. On the other hand, the runner will be remembered for a single great accomplishment, while King will be remembered collectively for his service for underrepresented groups. In addition, Dr. King’s actions have inspired and impacted others to do good and carry out his dream. Also, the runner was celebrated by his entire community, while King was celebrated by, “All right-thinking people” due to his federal holiday in the United States (President 2). The events leading up to the death of both the runner and Dr. King show that both would have continued to do good later in their lives. A.E. Housman’s theory of dying young after achieving…
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