To survive the 21st century we are go Essay

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‘To survive the 21st century, we are going to need a new generation of leaders’ (Warren Bennis 1992). Critically discuss this statement using appropriate theory and relevant examples to support your answer.

The twenty-first century has been a key period in the alteration of the dimensions of managerial and leadership change throughout the business world. A key development within this sector has been ethical leadership; this essay will examine the dimensions of ethical leadership, the disconnections between the role of a manager and the role of a leader, and the necessary capabilities that leaders will need to possess in the present day in order to generate success and prosperity.

The way in which the 21st century is evolving illustrates
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The way in which Venice rose and fell in the early 14th century is particularly interesting especially when comparing the two epochs. The ’99 percent’ are demonstrating signs of agitation; this could be viewed as a plausible reason for needing a new generation of leaders, as for a large proportion of profit-oriented organisations their key targets have been to increase revenue, lower expenses and raise the profit margin (HR Focus, 1998, 6). This is something that is often viewed as needing to be changed especially "since the 1970s, median pay for executives at the nation's largest companies has more than quadrupled, even after adjusting for inflation, according to researchers. Over the same period, pay for a typical non-supervisory worker has dropped more than 10%" (Equliar, 2011, 7) These matters are causing even more aggravation amongst the 99% and could cause the open system and the economy to languish as Karl Marx had predicted previously; whereby the top strata of the society inevitably create such a wide inequality of wealth between citizens that the entire economy suffers.
In Warren Bennis’ ‘Leadership in the 21st Century’, Bennis elaborates that it is key that managers adopt a different approach, in order to certify that everything will go accordingly, and to enable business to
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