To what degree is the psychology of love relationship in ''Eliduc'' convincing?

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To what degree is the psychology of love relationship in ' 'Eliduc ' ' convincing? There is no question as to what Eliduc is feeling in “Eliduc” by Marie de France: love. He has feeling for his wife Guildeluec, and understands his obligations towards her, but that later gets in the way of his feelings for Guilliardun. Despite his disloyalty towards Guildeluec, which he tried his best to avoid, his love for Guilliardun overcame. ‘’Eliduc’’ has a mixture of three diferente types of love; Eros, Philia and Agapé. These types of love help the reader understand the psychology of love relationship in ‘’Eliduc’’.
Knowing whether or not Eliduc was ever in love with his wife in the first place is important in deciding how convincing his love
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When comparing the two relationships Eliduc has in the story, it is clear which of his partners he adores most. Eliduc’s wife, after saving the maiden’s life, says to Gulliardun “And now I’m glad you’re alive after all. I’m going to take you away with me. And give you back to him. I’ll tell the world he’s not t blame for anything .Then I shall take the veil.” This may be out of love but selfless love. Guildeluec realizes she can revive the young maiden, and she does not hesitate to do so, even knowing this could bring unhappines to her life. Guildeluec’s love for Eliduc is not a passionate love, she learned how to love him through out the years, making it easier for her to let him go. Despite all the pain he caused her, she wants to see him happy . Guildeluec’s love could be classified as Philia love, they have been together for so long, that their love became a mixture of friendship, trust and respect.
Guildeluec wished to become a noun and love God instead of being in the way of her husband’s new love adventure. This level of selflessness is unknown to Eliduc, which suggests not only that he chose poorly for his new wife and that he does not deserve the superior woman (Guildeluec), but also that that purity of love cannot exist in the public world. Marie de France’s point is that Agapé love is the genuine love and in order to feel serenity through love in this world, it is essential to make oneself submissive to the charity of selfless
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