To what extent did the French Resistance assist in the allies liberation of France?

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The French Resistance (La Résistance française) was a collaboration of individual movements against the German occupation of France and the Vichy regime that complied with the Nazis during World War II. Starting in 1940 and ending with the liberation of France, French people from all ends of the economic and political spectrum united in different Résistance groups to perform guerilla attacks, run underground newspapers, provide intelligence to and from the allies, and manage escape networks to allied territory for political enemies and others persecuted by the Nazis (Aubrac, 3).
On June 14th, 1940 the Germans occupied Paris, France, and three days later Philippe Pétain, a French WWI hero, assumed power from the current prime minister and
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Censorship became common practice, anti-Semitic legislation was passed, and “the felony of opinion” ruined the rights French people still had to free speech. As payment for résistance activities, the Vichy Government punished the people collectively, even stating in policy “at each further incident, a number, reflecting the seriousness of the crime, shall be shot” (Kedward, 59). Charles de Gualle, the father of the Résistance, openly rejected the Vichy government and was condemned to death by Pétain for doing so. He operated out of Britain, and offered to the French people that anyone willing to fight for the Free French Forces should join him (Kedward, 67). De Gualle’s message was strongly received at first in occupied territories, but it was not until the French colonies overseas joined his efforts that legitimized his position as head of the true Résistance (Kedward, 72). Those that could not join the FFF in Britain stayed within the parameters of Vichy control and created local resistance units. Originally local units began printing flyers and pamphlets about the German control and Pétain’s betrayal. French Jews were sought out and sent to death camps, along with those caught dispersing resistant propaganda (Northwest). De Gualle opposed using violence as a means of resistance, but communist based networks called for

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