To what extent is Nationalism inherently aggressive and expansionist?

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To what extent is Nationalism inherently aggressive and expansionist? Intro: It is difficult to define Nationalism as either inherently destructive or expansionist. It depends on the type of Nationalism and the circumstances in which is arises and how people use or abuse it as an ideology. Heywood defines four main breeds of Nationalism; Liberal Nationalism, Conservative Nationalism, Expansionist Nationalism, Anti and post colonial Nationalism. One of the types of nationalism which is more likely to be inherently destructive and expansionist is Expansionist Nationalism, as its name suggests, is essentially destructive and expansionist. It advocates a form of national chauvinism where patriotism and national pride reaches a higher level.…show more content…
I believe that modern expansionist and destructive imperialism is a logical consequence of the rise of nationalism and that the liberation of conquered peoples was its unavoidable consequence. In some regions, Europeans exerted complete political authority, in other areas, spheres of influence were established, and leaving the existing governments as puppets, occasionally only economic influence was exerted. Imperialism in Africa created colonies designed to serve the needs of the colonial powers. Colonial boundaries often exacerbated long-standing ethnic rivalries. The consequences of expansionist nationalism were destructive and also predictable. Competition between the expanding modern empires, rooted in expansionist nationalism, led to inter-state wars, starting overseas in the peripheral territories where these states sought to expand their rule, and it ended, during the 20th century, in gigantic inter-state wars at the centre. World Wars I and II brought the defeat of Germany and Italy in comparison with France, England, America and Russia, but all of Europe suffered from war devastation. In this period, the true off-springs of nationalism who elevated this school to its highest position and gave it its severest form were
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