To what extent is To Kill a Mocking Bird a novel about prejudice?

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To what extent is To Kill a Mocking Bird a novel about prejudice?

To Kill a Mocking Bird is set in Maycomb in a small southern
American county this is of great importance to the novel. Scout best sums up the situation faced by Maycomb by saying 'There was no hurry.

Because there was nowhere to go, nothing to buy and no money to buy it with, nothing to see outside the boundaries of Maycomb'. The people of Maycomb were often inter related and posses traditional 'white conservative' moral values. This is why you would expect prejudice, divisions and narrowmindness to take place. Not many people have travelled outside Maycomb, this means they have not experienced different cultures to their own. This leads to a narrow minded
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They perceived all blacks as sexual beasts and frequently refer to blacks as 'niggers' and 'trash'. Tom Robinson was found guilty of raping Mayella because of prejudice towards him due to his race. Atticus tries to give a fair defence and gets us to think of Tom as a
'human being' and not as an 'animal'. Atticus hopes that his children will be able to watch the trail 'without catching Maycombs usual disease'

We also see how the people of Maycomb see Blacks , as they are segregated from whites in the courthouse but Scout and Jem disregard the views of Maycomb and go and sit in the 'coloured balcony' ,this shows that they have no prejudice towards blacks.
Jem and Scout are still shown respect due to the colour of their skin as 'four black adults' gave up their seat for them.

Tom Robinson loses his faith before Atticus as he knows the white race is stronger, and that justice would never be served because of his race. Atticus tells Tom not to lose faith but soon after he loses faith himself in the justice system.

Atticus shows Scout how to get 'along better with all kind of folks.
You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view'. I think this is the most important quote in the book as it teaches Scout not to prejudge. The novel is about far more then racism as it is about accepting people.

Atticus does not care what
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