To what extent is humanitarian intervention an abandoned project

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“ To what extent is Humanitarian Intervention an abandoned project? “ Humanitarian Intervention is military intervention that is carried out in pursuit of humanitarian rather than strategic objectives. This term is controversial and therefore often debated, as it is an evaluative and subjective term. The common use of the term itself is the desire to come in help to other people, however according to some other opinions, it is the outcome of the intervention that defines it. Firstly, it is essential to define what is meant by the word abandoned in this context. As HI has been happening throughout history, abandoned would imply an on-going lack or diminishing numbers of interventions. In humanitarianism, the most relevant key concept is…show more content…
The efficiency of humanitarian intervention is normative because of people having different views on the output and the unlikeliness of every one being pleased by the new regime therefore it is very hard to affirm the real results of the intervention. In 2011, a group of countries intervened during the Libyan civil war, which lead to the abolition of Muammar Gadhafi’s regime. The Operation Unified Protector by NATO was partly successful because they achieved to kill the dictator on 20th October, but partly ineffective because the standards of living in Libya have not increased and the state is facing a lack of government’s ruling. This case study supports the statement that HI could be an abandoned project as it is not always favourable to everyone. Despite the fact that there is some failures, some beneficial interventions still occur. More cases for intervention emerge due to globalization, which implies that states have closer links to each other and therefore the responsibility to help becomes stronger. As countries generally develop through time, people are more educated and communication is more open, which is a factor that governments cannot control. Thus people are here and now more educated and therefore have the confidence to protest when they feel that their human rights are abused in their nation. Protesting causes conflicts, that may become violent and therefore
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