To what extent is the EU now a superstate?

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To what extent is the EU now a ‘superstate’? What obstacles are there to further European Integration? (45 mark) To some extent the EU has become a superstate due to federalist features that combine the member states of the European Union closer together. For Eurosceptic British who oppose the further integration between the states have defined the EU’s superstate to be a huge, centralized Brussels Bureaucracy limiting the sovereign authority of member states. This can be controversial as those in favour of the EU would prefer to grant some powers to a central body as they can achieve benefits in return for example the single market. There are features that are entailed within a federal state that the EU’s super state…show more content…
Political participation between the states is clearly low therefore stands as an obstacle due to lack of support by the states. As the EU includes 27 states therefore they would inevitably face difficulties due to the diverse range of national interests. On the other hand increasing numbers of policies are decided on a supranational level and therefore speed the process, for example decisions relating to trade or agriculture. However vital policies such as Defence remain intergovernmental, as do decisions such as the accession of new states. The effect of recent economic crisis has made an impact on the creation of EU superstate. The global downturn, which originated in 2007 created the ‘Eurozone’ crisis. As a result EU bailouts have been organized for Greece, Ireland and Portugal. The fear of the crisis extending further across Europe has caused a loss of confidence in the EU, and in particular the euro. There has even been speculation that Greece may have to exit the ‘Eurozone’. Alternatively it has also caused some to call for further integration, arguing the crisis has shown the need for tighter budget rules throughout the EU. These factors have slowed down the process of further integration preventing the EU of becoming a superstate as they have bound the EU becoming closer due to the fundamental aim of intergovernmetalism wanting to maintain their national sovereignty in which may be threatened if the EU was to become a superstate. However,

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