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Toastmasters International is a non-profit organization that helps members learn new skills that improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. Back in 1903, during Ralph C Smedly’s time at the YMCA in Bloomington, IL, he saw a need for social clubs that concentrated on public speaking and communications skills. This would help communities work together when conducting meetings or planning programs. Many people responded positively and he named the club “toastmasters” after the designated person who usually gives speeches or toasts at special occasions. The first ‘unofficial’ meeting was on March 24, 1905, where Smedley and the other more experienced gentlemen would evaluate the skills of the younger men from the community. However, after a time Smedley was invited to work in the newly organized YMCA in Santa Ana, California in 1922. Due to this, the club began to extinguish in Bloomington, but Smedly held onto his idea and introduced it in Santa Ana. Their first meeting was on October 22, 1924. It did not take long before nearby communities and even other states were wanting to implement their own version of the club.…show more content…
Due to this expansion out of the United States, they changed the name to Toastmasters ‘International’. It became a non-profit organization in 1932 and thanks to Smedley the club was kept alive through World War II. After the war ended, Ted Blanding replaced Smedley and remained an active director for the rest of his life. Toastmasters International simply rented a few office spaces until 1962, which is when they moved into their first headquarters near the YMCA in Santa Ana. Although originally formed as a male-only organization, Toastmaster started accepting women into their club in the 1970s and by 1985, Helen Blanchard became their first female
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