Tobacco And E Cigarettes : Healthier Than Smoking Or Another Cancerous Path?

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Vaping and E-cigarettes: Healthier Than Smoking or Another Cancerous Path?
The prevalence of these vaping and e-cigarette products has steadily risen across the globe in recent years and these products don’t seem like they will be departing anytime soon. The images and videos youth have been shown in school and commercials depicting cancer and emphysema victims at home have slowly started steering young one’s away from cigarettes. Though, there are large numbers of individuals who still smoke, whether due to already previous addiction without proper education on the health risks involved, young ones who attempt to fit in with their crowd, or just an individual trying to take the edge off. However, the opportunity to attain nicotine without
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Overall, my breathing did improve after a few months, though my gums and mouth started to suffer. A number of the companies that produce the e-cigarettes do so for the reason of assisting in the quitting of tobacco products, more specifically cigarettes. In various cases, my own included, smoking and chewing drastically helps to reduce stress and take the edge off. Nicotine patches and gum prices are substantially larger than liquid for vaping, so it comes as no surprise the liquids are the obvious choice.
Recently, certain states have started claiming that the products pose numerous health risks. VanOuse said in his article “in Indiana, a law was passed that any e-juice sold in the state must be approved through a security company as of July 1, 2016” (VanOuse, Indiana’s E-cigarette Regulations Disregard Smokers’ Health, 2016). Therefore, large numbers of the states have made it impossible for users to come in possession of any of these products at all. One element is for certain: the sales of nicotine patches and gum have dropped immensely due to the release of e-cigarettes and vaping liquid. So, while these pharmaceutical companies generate a substantial amount of money on expensive, ineffective smoking alternatives, the federal government generates just as much due to the tax laid on cigarettes themselves. If the problem is money, just tax the e-cigarettes a bit and be done with, don’t force people away from a healthier option.
Now, we must take a look at what
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