Tobacco And Smoking

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A dangerous product that can kill a human every second around the world and can carry a large cost for families and their treatment for diseases such as cancer and heart disease is caused by the product called tobacco. Tobacco-related diseases and deaths can affect smokers’ lives at an early stage and cause a decline in productivity and income. Smoking will not only affect the person’s life, but will also affect people around him or her by causing many diseases. Nicotine found in cigarettes is a strong addiction, substance equal to heroin and cocaine; therefore, it will be difficult to quit smoking, but to convince smokers to get rid of the smoking habit, governments can raise tobacco products’ taxation, make users pay higher health insurance premiums, and make smokers pay a health tax. Raising tobacco taxes is (or are?) the most effective way to reduce addiction and save millions of lives. Tobacco taxation will make cigarettes’ price very high, which leads to decrease in buying rate; poor families will be unable to buy cigarettes, so they will prefer to get rid of smoking habit over time. The determination to work on the tobacco tax policy will strike and hurt the cigarette industry, which reduces the manufacturing rate of these products. A price increase is more effective in reducing tobacco use among young people than among older adults and makes young smokers who are currently reducing their rate of tobacco, quit smoking permanently. Tax policies can be controversial,

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