Tobacco Industry : Make Tobacco Products Illegal

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Make Tobacco Products Illegal
Ellen Gossett
Trevecca Nazarene University Abstract
It can be argued that tobacco products are one of the deadliest legal drugs in the history of mankind. Most of the countries around the world are making progress to ban the sale of tobacco products and reduce smoking. Over the years, there has been a steady decline in global tobacco use; however, their needs to be steeper taxation on tobacco products, bans on smoking advertisements, incentives towards reduced health care costs for non-smokers, and tougher penalties for smoking around children. Reducing the sale and consumption of tobacco can also help the planet and make cleaner air for everyone.

Make Tobacco Products Illegal It has
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Use of tobacco products can be called one of the deadliest legal drugs in the history of mankind. Smoking can cause many life-threatening diseases. “Smoking is a major health problem. Tobacco use is by far the most important risk factor for most respiratory symptoms and chronic bronchitis. Active smoking has been identified as the most important single factor leading to the development of COPD. Furthermore, smoking is a major cause of disability and death.” (Lindstrom, Kotaneimi, Jonsson, & Lundback, 2001).
The main ingredient that is found in tobacco products that is easily addictive is nicotine. It is a stimulant type drug. Being addicted to nicotine is just as harmful as any other drug substance and your body craves it. If you just stop usage, you will even have withdrawal systems. The effects that nicotine produces on the body include, increases in heart rate, blood pressure, and addiction of the drug liking effects of tobacco usage. Nicotine has also been linked to birth defects in babies of mother’s who smoke during pregnancy. (Sofuoglu, Yoo, Hill, & Mooney, 2008)
Tobacco use is also harmful to those who breathe second hand smoke. Smoking can harms others just as adversely by breathing in the fumes from another’s cigarette. It is one thing to understand the risk to one’s own body, but there are children or elderly in homes that are also being forced to breathe second hand smoke. There are two main types of secondhand smoke
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