Tobacco Is A Clean And Safe Crop

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What are the health effects of smoking tobacco products on the human body, and how has the tobacco industry changed over the past century? Tobacco has been a major cash crop for civilizations around the world for centuries. Many peoples have smoked,chewed and even cooked with this crop for its “supposed” medical benefits. However, how can we be so sure that Tobacco is a clean and safe crop? The overwhelming amount of research done on this topic has been under-way since the early 1800’s. Studies have shown that the use of tobacco, can and most likely will lead to Cancer, Heart Disease, COPD and many other diseases. Cancer is an abnormal disease where the blood cells of the body will divide out of control and invade other tissues. These cells spread to various parts of the body through the blood and lymph systems, this eliminates the body’s ability to flush out toxins and other pathogens. As an example, oral cancer may spread to other parts of the mouth, head and neck. After this spread, if left alone the cells will continue to multiply, and finally spread until it consumes the entire body. Cancer can be detected in many different ways, many general physicians will do general tests searching for symptoms such as patches on the skin, soreness that will not heal, lumping or other deformities of the body. Many doctors have tried to detect cancer early with high tech imaging equipment and often invasive surgical procedures that often unfortunately detect the disease too late. A
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