Tobacco Kills One Person Every Six Seconds (Sahil). The

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Tobacco kills one person every six seconds (Sahil). The use of tobacco has been around for many years, and it seems only to be getting worse. The human body is affected in an abundance of ways due to the abuse of tobacco products. If individuals would stop the use of tobacco, this would help prevent many diseases, negative health consequences and possibly early death according to their age. Tobacco use is a problem because, it causes numerous health effects on individuals, such as addiction, birth defects, cancer, and diabetes, which can be caused from second hand smoke and physical and mental effects. Smoking causes many adverse effects in individual lives. Our society must keep presenting the facts about the use of tobacco to the…show more content…
Next, another cause to why tobacco is harmful, is because some mothers smoke during pregnancy. When mothers smoke while pregnant, it can cause life threatening issues for their child. A mother that smokes is much more likely to give birth to a child with defects. Congenital heart disease is one of the most popular effects (Banschbach 349). This is a problem because it is not only putting the mother’s life in danger, but it is not giving a baby the chance to be healthy and free from defects; some of these defects could be entirely prevented by not smoking. Not only does smoking cause heart defects, but it also can cause a lack of oxygen and nutrition while the baby is in the womb (Banschbach 349). Banschbach, found that many babies whose mothers smoke, are “born too early, and have a low birth weight, making it more likely the baby will become sick or die” (349). While these examples are the main effects, babies can also suffer from simpler physical effects such as, a cleft lip or palate. Lastly, one of the most harmful effects to a child due to smoking is the chance of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (Banschbach 349).
Consequently, the use of tobacco is not only harmful to the person consuming it, but it also influences everyone

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