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The younger the individual when they initially start smoking, the greater the possibility of addiction and becoming a lifelong smoker (King, 2015). Tobacco addiction is an issue the United States is struggling with, partially due to the fact that 90% of adult smokers began before or by the age of 18 (Ahmad, 2015). Researchers believe that since younger people become easily addicted to tobacco and older people have an easier time quitting tobacco product use, raising the minimum age for tobacco sales could prevent this addiction from spreading (Ahmad, 2015). Public opinion about tobacco use, the Tobacco 21 bill, California’s computer model, retail, and the comparison in impact between alcohol and tobacco purchasing ages are all considered in the presentation of the bill. California has proposed a new bill to prohibit the sale of all tobacco products to individuals under 21 years of age named the AB221 Bill. It is the first piece of legislation about changing the age for tobacco purchase to pass for the whole state. In California today, 1.8 million youths are likely to become smokers. This has become a concerning issue, mainly because approximately 574,000 people died of tobacco-related illnesses just in the state of California (Ahmad, 2015). Tobacco-related illnesses remain the leading cause of avertible death in the United States (Steinberg, 2013). On average, people pay $13 billion annually for tobacco medical costs that could be avoided (Ahmad, 2015). California wants to

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