Tobacco Products : A Dangerous And Potentially Fatal Threat

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Sean Bower Ms. Crecelius Honors English II - Period 9 17 December 2013 Tobacco Products: A dangerous and potentially fatal threat to future generations that should be replaced or erased Every day, more than 3,600 teens smoke their first cigarette and about 900 teens become daily smokers. Over 15 billion cigarettes are sold worldwide daily. Approximately one out of seven people smoke tobacco products which is about 1,142,857,143 people! 5 million of these smokers die every year and it costs them over 4,000 dollars each year to maintain their torturing addiction. Tobacco product consumption is a serous problem that must be resolved. These products are advertised as a product that will make users look cool and sexy to all people including kids. The more children that are attracted to this deadly product, the more deaths the world will have from the diseases that tobacco causes. Although tobacco products are the leading preventable cause of death and should be illegal, it is nearly impossible to achieve this goal. Instead, the tobacco industry should focus its efforts on creating a much healthier product for smokers. A major reason why so many people participate in using tobacco products is because of the wide variety of different tobacco goods. Tobacco is a leafy plant that is grown all around the world. This leafy plant is an extremely addictive substance because it contains the chemical nicotine. Just like any other drug, such as heroine or cocaine, nicotine changes the way
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