Tobacco Products And Its Effects On Children And Young Adults

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In an effort to discourage the consumption of tobacco products in India, a ban was issued stopping advertising and sponsoring of sporting events. This ban was brought to the table with the intentions of keeping the citizens of India from undue influence towards the use of a product that when used to the satisfaction of its producers would result in major health issues and eventual death. The use of tobacco products is directly attributable to the deaths of 3 million people in 1990 and the eventual death of 10 million people in the year 2030. Those in favor of the ban argued that a government that provides health insurance for the very people it collects taxes from in the purchase of the product that leads to their eventual illness is one…show more content…
Increased spending on these products, more labor intensive than the production of tobacco related products, is more likely to increase employment as demands for tobacco products decreased and the demand for other products increased. Though the ban on the advertisement of cigarettes would decrease the number of jobs related to the farming of tobacco and the production of cigarettes, increased demand in other sectors would more than compensate for those losses. Those who seek to impose the ban also argue that the government is responsible for the well being of its constituents in all aspects. A government that would collect a tax for the sale of a product with known health risks that it is often responsible for treating in the long wrong is not a government that is protecting its people. Even from themselves. Those who are in opposition to the ban have myriad reasons for their argument. One such argument is that the government should not act as unilaterally as to have sway over such personal decisions and has cited several countries similar bans and their results to discredit the possible ban as being ineffective. The government’s responsibility to the costs of treating tobacco influenced illness have been argued as moot because the patients who would choose to smoke would shuffle off of this mortal coil before their disease became a cost that would outpace the taxes collected from tobacco sales. The bas,
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