`` Tobacco Road `` By Erskine Caldwell

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Flaws can Define a Person
How can a single word chose a person’s actions and dramatically change their life? In Erskine Caldwell’s Tobacco Road the Lester family goes through a lot in a one week span. Through the struggles with poverty and barely surviving life. This family shows that the wants are much more profitable in the long hall. As the story continues, a tragic reality check come upon this Lester family. In Tobacco Road, Caldwell illustrates how both poverty and lust causes conflict based on the choices one makes in an attempt to make life better.
Poverty is a lifestyle that can be changed by simply the choices one makes. Toward the end of chapter seven the narrator talks about Jeeter’s life and how he came to inherit the land of the Tobacco Road. Caldwell states that “by the time Jeeter was old enough to work in the fields, the land had become such a great item of expense that most of it was allowed to grow up into pines” (86). Since Jeeter took on this huge project of running his own cotton farm. He might knew that since his grandfather started it and then was passed down to his father and then onto him, he was obligated to continue on the Lester tradition of farming. As a child Jeeter knew he always wanted to keep the farm alive and continue the production of cotton coming from the Lester farm land. With working a farm and trying to put food on the table was a difficult task that he could not rise and meet the challenge. As time went on Jeeter hated that he could
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