Tobacco Smoking Is The Largest Single Preventable Cause Of Disease

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‘’ Tobacco smoking is the largest single preventable cause of death and disease in Australia” (Cancer Council, 2006). The 2003 Australian Burden of disease study considers tobacco smoking as a leading cause of disease burden in Australia (Begg S, 2003). Anti-Cancer Council of Australia conducted its first national survey which shows that during the middle of last century, large numbers of males aged 16 and over were smokers and compared to females. However, in the following decades, the prevalence of smoking decreased among males due to publicity regarding health effects of smoking which first started in 1950s and early 1960s (Gray N and Hill D, 1975). According to the survey conducted by the Australian Bureau of statistics in 1977, 36 % of adult population aged 18 and over were smokers out of which 43% were males and 29 % were females. The prevalence of smoking among population aged 18 and over declined for both the sexes during the period 1980s and 2010 (ABS, 1977).
Strategies and Interventions that have made a difference over the last few decades:
Over the last two decades, Australia’s achievement in tobacco control has been recognized repeatedly as the most successful in the world. Various measures adopted are as follows:
Anti- smoking information and education:
Between 1972- 1975, various campaigns were conducted by the federal government to reduce the prevalence of smoking among public. In Western Australia, NSW, Victoria and South Australia, various…
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