Tobacco: The Original Addictive Substance

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The tobacco of the south has shaped the United States in history and today. The tobacco plant was discovered by Christopher Columbus, and he then brought it back to England when he returned from his voyage. England began to be addicted to tobacco. Its residents spent more than 200,000 euros on the crop a year in the 1600’s (“History 1492-1762”). Since the discovery of the tobacco plant, it has been well sought after and a large cash crop. Big tobacco companies attempt to hide the real effects of smoking their products, and aim their campaigns toward teenagers. Tobacco had been present since the discovery of the western hemisphere; it has shaped history with its addictive nature and was one of the first addictive substances. While…show more content…
With the need to operate farms, the newly appointed farmers needed help tending to the land. The best and most cost effective plan was to ship people from Africa (“History 1492-1762”). This is the first time that slaves were brought to the colonies to work on plantations, originally to aide tobacco farmers. This started an epidemic of people wanting slaves of their own to work on their farms, so they could make more money by planting more land and having them maintain it (“History 1492-1762”). This is how America got its’ start in big league tobacco producing and the capitalism of the substance. The production would grow rapidly for hundreds of years while capitalistism was strong in many farmer’s minds. Tobacco has evolved so much from the standards of the sixteenth century to the twenty-first. Big tobacco companies have taken what used to be a very sought after crop and made it into a commercialized product. The companies that did this cut corners along the way to make an even larger profit on the good that was once used for medical use in some countries (CNN). While cutting corners and using the cheapest tobacco that they could get in bulk, the companies had to then put additives into the mixture to make the smoke taste better. This was mainly done in cigarettes, because it is crushed tobacco leaves and therefore much easier to put additives in it, other than attempting to roll them into cigars. Many doctors have proven that cigarettes are

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