Tobias Narrative

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His lips met mine and slowly pushed down my clothes. I gasped as he sucked at my neck, hard enough to leave a mark.
“I love you.”
Tobias sat up and undid his belt. His pants came off, and he tossed them onto the floor. I removed mine as well and threw them on the pile. I scooted up against the headboard as Tobias crawled toward me. Our lips met and slipped my tongue into his mouth. Tobias pulled me onto his lap and rubbed our erections together. I arched into him, putting my arm about his shoulders.
“I want you,” I whispered. “Now, I want it.”
“Patience.” His brushed his lips over mine. “I’ll satisfy you completely, wait here.” Tobias crawled off the bed and went into the bathroom. He returned with a tube in hand. Leaning back against the pile
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“I want you now.”
Removing his fingers, Tobias lined himself up and eased inside of me. I closed my eyes, my breath catching as he entered.
“Fuck,” Tobias groaned, starting to thrust into me.
Wrapping my legs around him. I held onto his tightly.
His hips pivoted at a steady pace; his hand still worked my cock.
“I love you. I love you so much.”
His lips met mine. The pace increased. I could feel the tightness in my balls. Tobias was breathing heavily in my ear. I cradled his head on my shoulder. Both our body were covered in sweat to the sound of them coming together.
“I’m cuming.” I dug my nails into his back. “Tobias.”
He thrusted into me harder, driving the head of his cock into my prostate. My body tightened and my mouth fell open when I came between us. My ass clenched around Tobias. He grunted and gave a few long strokes before erupting inside of me.
I held onto him as we calmed down. We other were struggling to catch our breath. Tobias slipped his arms around me and fell to his side. He hugged me to his chest. This was one of the last moment we share together until he left me again. Sucking in my lips, I hid my face in his shoulder. He’d came back to me. Tobias always came back for
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