Tobias Wolff 's Profound Literature Elements

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Adam Khan Mrs.Vedula

Engl. 1102

11 November 2015

Tobias Wolff’s Profound Literature Elements Many people believe Tobias Wolff is considered much of a critic mainly because his childhood was affected by his parent’s separation. Little by little, he started to become like a critic until he went to the army. Furthermore, when he came back he became more pessimistic than critical some might say. His short stories are acknowledged by many readers because of the true meaning of aspirations some people could think they can make out of it. Some say Wolff created a new thinking perspective by creating the short story “Bullet in the Brain”. The reason readers say that is because the story ends up being more profound that they would have thought when they read it from the beginning. It all starts off with a negative person who can’t keep his mouth shut. Then, that very same person is shot in the head having his last memories be something unusual that an average person would not have recalled as their last memory. Although Tobias Wolff lived an unusual lifestyle, he turns out to write one of the best short stories “Bullet in the Brain”, by using irony, imagery, theme, style, and tone all within a few pages; which shows why his childhood affected this writing piece he has created. In 2001 when the audience read Wolff’s short story “Bullet in the Brain”, they realized that there were a various amount of meaningful elements. However, there are more critical than positive elements.…
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