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Toby Keith Music & American Society- Internet April 18, 2010 Toby Keith was born in Clinton, Oklahoma, the son of Carolyn Joan (born Ross) and Hubert K. Covel Jr. He has a sister, Tonni, and a brother, Tracy. His family moved to Moore, Oklahoma (a suburb of Oklahoma City) when Keith was young. Before the family moved to Moore, Oklahoma, Toby visited his grandmother in Fort Smith, Arkansas, during the summers. In fact, his family lived in Fort Smith, Arkansas, for a few years when Toby was in grade school. Toby started playing football on Fort Smith Boys Club teams. His grandmother owned Billie Garner's Supper Club in Fort Smith, Arkansas, where Keith became interested in the musicians who came there to play. Toby did odd…show more content…
In 2002, he released the Unleashed album which included hit singles, Who’s your Daddy?, Beer for My Horses, and Courtesy of the Red, White, & Blue . On November 9, 2004, Keith released a special duet with his daughter and aspiring singer, Krystal (age 19 at the time). The song, a remake of James Taylor and Carly Simon's "Mockingbird" was performed on the 2004 CMA's by the duo. The song reached top 25 on the charts. Toby Keith is talent personified. Toby is not just a singer but he is a songwriter as well. Most country artists today lack the talent to write, in the past nearly all the legends of Country Music wrote and sang their own material. Toby Keith holds rank with those Legends of Country Music. Put Toby Keith up against "other" musicians and in other genres-- Toby is still in a league by himself. Many artists today lack the talent to sing without the high-tech studio gimmicks to make their voices better. Toby Keith possesses one strong, clear and beautiful baritone voice . His talent of writing and singing were God given. Toby genuinely acknowledges God's role in his singing as well as in his life. He is not afraid to stand up and share his beliefs in God, Country and Family Values. On the flipside Toby will let loose paying tribute to the old Country Music stereotype songs: of beer drinking and temptation. Not many artists can walk such a fine
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