Today, Hr Issues Such as Low Employee Morale, Absenteeism and High Turnover Rate Are Challenging for Organisations and Hr Managers.

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Today, HR issues such as low employee morale, absenteeism and high turnover rate are challenging for organisations and HR managers.


As organisations have developed to suit and cater for an increasingly competitive marketplace, so too have the ideas and notions of job satisfaction. In fact, these ideas and notions have developed to such an extent through both theoretical and empirical means that it has now become the most important application of human resource management within the workplace. In its simplest form, job satisfaction is an attitudinal variable with which to judge an employee’s inclination towards their work. However, these attitudinal variables are so diverse and wide-ranging that it is fundamentally
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The same survey by Human Capital Magazine notes that older employees have become increasingly discontent over salary issues and the lack of opportunity for career development.[11] Conversely, the Generation Y workers reported no issues in both those areas but instead have become increasingly disconcerted with the general nature of their job activities, indicating the importance that a workers job function has towards his or her overall satisfaction in the workplace.[12]

In a Bowling Green State University report prepared by Balzer,
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