Today In Society People Are Starting To Gradually Become

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Today in society people are starting to gradually become more open to the transvestite community. Some people take pleasure in dressing as the opposite sex in society. Even though someone dresses as the opposite sex doesn’t mean that they still couldn’t be attracted to the opposite sex. When people see a male or female dressed as the opposite sex their automatic assumption is that there gay but that’s not always the case. A male or female might want to dress in the opposite sex because either they don’t want to be labeled by their clothing or they like to wear clothing that suits them best. Paradigm: Symbolic Interactionism From a Sociologist perspective, they would consider this situation in the cartoon as a micro level of Symbolic…show more content…
In this cartoon, Mr. Potato head is not following the standard general rules of society. Now earlier in this paper the term Symbolic Interactionism was brought up, it comes into play because of the four behaviors of communications. Knowledge and beliefs both come into play together because by the reaction that Mrs. Potato head gave to her husband. As she was growing up she was probably taught from her family and the type of culture that she was raised on that men and women are supposed to behave, dress and have certain responsibilities according to their gender. Just because we got the impression by her body posture and facial expressions that she was upset and disapproving her husband’s actions doesn’t mean our assumptions were necessarily true. Looks can be deceiving, a variety of things could have been going through her head. Being that Mrs. Potato head is his wife she is also considered as his significant other, therefore she as a lot of influence on his judgment. His expression is probably because he never wanted her to know or he was afraid of her to know about his secret because she might judge or leave him over it. If he would have told her he’d be considered as the out group. Out group is “people who are viewed and treated negatively because they’re seen as having values, beliefs, and other characteristic different from those in the in group. (Tischler, 2014, p.68). She may or may not
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