Today, It Is Common Knowledge That Physical Activity Is

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Today, it is common knowledge that physical activity is not only important to our physical health, but it also helps improve our mental health as well. But, if that’s so, then why are Americans reaching record high obesity rates? There is no one simple answer to that question, but there are solutions. Thankfully, Colorado schools have adopted and implemented a policy that requires a certain amount of physical activity in elementary schools. Colorado’s House Bill 11-1069 establish a minimum time requirement for physical activity opportunities in grades K-6. Now, I personally wish this was being implemented in middle and high schools as well; but, I suppose this is a good start. Definitely, a huge step up from previously having no…show more content…
In the fourth-grade room math hour is followed by stretching. The teacher calls instructions from the front of the room as she participates herself. She does a rotation of exercises, but each day consists of 5 moves with 10 reps each; squats, lunges, etc. I have learned a lot from my mentor through my observations during his P.E. classes. I like the opportunity to see all grades, 3rd – 5th, playing the same sport, with the same rules, and seeing just how differently their age reflects their play. Each class gets to attend P.E. two days a week for 40 minutes each. Class starts by students walking the perimeter of the gym. The teacher likes to use mathematical grammar when possible. They walk a single lap and then their teacher says, “Mingle.” The students then fold their arms across their chest, wander freely around the gym, saying “mingle, mingle, mingle,” loudly. Next, the teacher instructs them to grab their partner. They freeze and pair up with the person closest to them of the same sex. Then, they are instructed to line up down the center of the court and face their partners. That’s when a game of Rock, Paper, Scissors begins. The winner turns around and runs their hardest to their wall, while the loser tries to catch and tag them. They then hustle back to mid-court and do it again. This goes on for five minutes. It really gets their heart rates up and they are having a fun time doing
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