Today 's Modern Policing System

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More than three hundred and fifty years ago, America 's first known system of law enforcement was established in Boston. Although, very different from America 's first watch, today 's modern policing system is a story of evolution. The process progressed from an idea of reacting to crime once it had already occurred, to a more preventative police force designed to deter crime from happening. For sixty years, beginning in the 1930s, United States law enforcement relied on a professional policing model. This model was based on an ordered structure and quick response times. This model improved several factors, including efficiency, operations, and accountability. It did not, however, prove to be adequate in the late 1960s. The increasing concerns of rising crime rates and the national civil rights movement in the 1960s, led to an increased attention for research and policy development (Ray 2104). The country was demanding improved police-community relations; increase educations for officers; diversity in the ranks; and controls on police discrimination. Commnities felt alienated from the police force and demanded a solution (Ray 2014). In response to the growing concerns, research was conducted. Congress allocated monies producing two ciritcal studies: the Kansas City Preventive Patrol Study and the Rand Investigation Experiment. The evidence from these studies indicated police were not only limited in their ability to affect crime levels, but rarely responded
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