Today 's Societal Norms And Popular Culture Essay

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Haley Greenberg-hmg624 Unit I Essay INSERT TITLE HERE!! Today’s societal norms and popular culture instills the idea that being health conscious and exercising is necessary. Most Americans idealize the “perfect” body and will do anything to achieve this image. We, as an American public, are attracted to members of society who present themselves in a fit and healthy manner. Accordingly, there are many studies proving that active lifestyles will even increase work productivity, which can in turn create job promotions. However, what about workers who are not characterized as slender or in shape? Are they at a disadvantage compared to their colleagues? In class lecture, we discussed what archetypes and myths are and their relevance within cultures. Archetypes are defined as widely recurring actions, objects, or events with a powerful meaning. Myths are composed of these archetypes along with other powerful signs that are ingrained in society because they are constantly retold. Myths can impact our biases and standards unconsciously, as we become accustomed to these widespread narratives in our communities. Within many industries, the myth of weight discrimination in the workplace prohibits many employees from advancing in their careers. Based on my personal experience, the video, lecture, and book, the myth of workplace discrimination towards overweight individuals exists and is furthered because popular culture overemphasizes the ideal body type. **do I need to add
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