Today 's Society Is Not More Then Average

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You are considered to be nothing more then average. Today’s society breeds its intellectuals to aim to be nothing above average. We have been constructed under the remember, understand and recite method our whole life. We take standardized test, study from old text books, all teachers go to the same conference teaching them the same techniques to teach every single student they have. I wonder why our society only wants us to meet the most basic level of education but expect us to economically and intellectually grow. We are never taught the three advanced ways of learning, analyzing, evaluating, and creating. Just think, on average, how many times a week does one get overly stressed, now a month, how about a whole year; now for the average student, memorializing and repeating the same information the same way for seventeen years. How are we expected to advance from that? The term “insane” is defined as repeating the same actions expecting different results. This is what we are being brainwashed into doing. This challenge to be average but excel and surpass others is an unrealistic goal that has been preset for us. Achieving this goal is unattainable and when being creative or changing the way one is expected to act, we are punished, creating stress and self-doubt. More then 1,000 students commit suicide each year. A classmate from my graduating class just hung himself from a tree in his backyard this past summer due to college loans and this idea of perfection in society
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