Today 's Workplace Is Not The Most Important Thing Today

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Rudeness in today’s workplace is hardly a new trend. With our generation today people seem to forget some of their manners. Employees in today’s work environment do not display proper work ethics. 11 out of every 25 employees in a survey said the level of professional respect at work has diminished over the last half-decade (“Workplace,” par. 1). In this society people believe that being respectful isn’t the most important thing in today’s world. 79 of 100 Americans claim that a loss of appreciation and politeness is a deliberate issue in our community, and 61 of 100 think that impolite and self-centered style has elevated in today’s generation (Shortman, par. 1). Employees think they automatically receive respect, but respect is to be earned. Employees are always on their cell phones being on social media or just being on it texting for personal use. Approximately half of Americans (49 of 100) announce they repeatedly notice society using their mobile devices in a clamorous or irritating way in common areas, thus for only 17 of 100 mobile customers concede to be a participant in this unfitting action (Shortman, par. 3). I myself have experienced an abundance of rude mannered people at Dick’s Sporting Goods and Laurel Foodsystems. I believe people take way too many things for granted and manners are a big one. The worst is when you go into an account and the employees there are rude to you because a vending machine is broke. Same way at dick’s when a customer comes in
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