Today's Dynamic and Unpredictable World of Business

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In today’s world characterized by constant changes in social, economic, political, and technological spheres, organizations operate in very dynamic and unpredictable environments. They should therefore prepare to adapt to these changes and learn to cope with them to remain relevant. To manage these changes, effective and dynamic leadership capable of adapting to these changes is very necessary because their implementation is sometimes very challenging. The organizations should also adopt a relevant culture and not just a change of strategy to sustain their success and ensure their survival. Thus a complete change in the organization cultures is very important. Transformational leadership involves a complete renovation of the organization towards a new vision which results to a complete change in the organization culture (Tichy & Ulrich, 1984).
According to Simola et al. (2012), transformational leadership is that type of leadership where participation of all interested parties is encouraged through motivation and inspiration for the benefit of the organization as a whole. This leadership style seeks to inspire and positively transform the participants to attain the desired transformation of strategy and structure of the organization (Geib & Swenson, 2013).
Bass (1990) identifies a number of behavioral patterns that constitute transformational leadership. To begin with, transformational leaders are very charismatic and this enables them to command respect and trust from the
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