Todays Education Has Changed Over Time

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Introduction: Todays education has changed in many ways over the years. From the behavior of student’s caused by different parenting skills, how teachers teach their classes as well as students ability to use fundamentals, media and technology all play a role in how the world of education has evolved. Robin Lawrence a thirteen year veteran teacher now a curriculum specialist at Bellaire Elementary has a good insight into how the educational system has changed over time.
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Paragraph One: Past and present generation behavior
Topic Sentence: Past and present behavior has differed between the generations.
Main Point One: Behavior in the past was much better. Past generations did not have adult problems placed on
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Poor/ lack of parenting has been a major factor in poor behavior.”
Supporting Detail Three: She also added that as a teacher poor behavior affects the whole class. “It takes time away from the instruction and learning away from other students.” (Lawrence)
Conclusion: From past to present generations parenting and behavior have gone together. If the child has strong parents then their behavior will be excellent and their education will prosper. If they have a lack of parenting in their life than their behavior takes a downward turn and their education will suffer.
Paragraph Two: How teachers taught their classes as well as student’s ability to use the fundamentals.
Topic Sentence: The way that teachers taught their classes in the past is different then present day, but not just the way that teacher teaches has changed the ability of student’s using the fundamentals has changed as well.
Major point One: Teachers in the past had different curriculum standard as well as different methods of teaching.
Supporting Detail One: Mrs. Lawrence said when she was in school, “Teachers did not have a set of curriculum standards that they were bound to. Rote memorization was key. Students were fed Knowledge from teachers. Teachers used thematic units to teach content.”
Supporting Detail Two: The one thing that remains the same is that students
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