Today's Teaching and Learning Porcesses

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Digital Pedagogy is needed, in impact digital technologies have on student’s engagement and motivation. In progressive schools pens and pencils are fast getting obsolete now, rather than “soft skills” are needed for work. Education now focus on how to make the most effective use of digital technologies in teaching and learning. Due to extensive use of digital tools in classes, teachers are more co-collaborators or moderators rather than just teachers. Teaching has become more of an attitude towards and aptitude with digital technologies.

Even before the digital age, educators were experimenting with computer-supported learning. The Interactive Learning System (ILM) are capable of managing the delivery of individualized instruction to large number of students at a variety of achievement levels and providing instant feedback on their performance. This provide educators with extremely fine-grained diagnosis of student’s abilities. According to Marc Prensky, either we are Digital Natives or Digital Immigrant. Since our generation was in period of learning when digital technology revolutionized, we consider ourselves as digital natives with some traces of digital immigrants. This has facilitated teachers to understand the two worlds and help them to bridge the gap with their expertise.

The schooling system need to equip…
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