Todd Grayson Case Study

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Chapter Four: Todd Grayson & lAPORSHA BROWN Todd grayson is unkind, courageous, jealous, and seemed to be showing a few traits of his father, Shawn. Todd always seemed to have a odd look on his face, as if he was hiding something. At only 6 years old he was caught shop lifting on numerous occasions and was already starting to hang out with a few of the bad kinds on the street. This put his mother Laporsha in a tough spot when it came to her parenting. She wanted all the help she could get for her son Todd, but didn’t want to expose the fact that had been seeing Shawn, her brothers enemy. Her mind always dwelled on this, and she knew that there would once come a day when Todd and his father were revealed to her brother. Until then, however, she’d been keeping herself busy with a part time job as a waitress in Monti Carle’ bar. She’d also been cleaning a old lady's house as a side job and got paid under the table. This was just enough to help her and Todd get by. She’d always worry that one day when she was out at work, Shawn might decide to run away.…show more content…
Laporsha started to panic, as any mother would, and called the cops in hopes to find her son. After a few minutes the cops arrived at her house with search dogs and helped locate her son. Todd, and a few other boys were in a open park digging at the ground. As soon as Laporsha got to the scene, her nose filled with a ghastly smell. She’d never smelled human flesh before, but the aroma around her definitely told her this could be the first time she had smelled it. the minute Laporsha saw human flesh bone she knew dad the town beverly hills is no longer the town it used to be . She knew she had the find a way out of the town but it was too late since she had a son and her brother is a CEO of a well known company in Beverly Hills. The police officers gave her a look and said, “Do you know anything about this

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