Todd Richards: Business Analysis

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A presentation given by Crowe Horwath’s Todd Richards, Nancy Kwak, and Frankie Munier informed the audience about the importance of the role an internal auditor play in the business world. Todd Richards has been on campus many times in the past for recruiting and presenting for Crowe Horwath, which he has been with for the last eleven years. Todd has worked in the banking industry for eight years between two different banks, he has worked for American Express as a risk consultant. He also worked with Arthur Anderson before the firm was closed and has even been an IT auditor for five years. Nancy works with trusts within the financial industry. She works on trust engagements and travels a lot. Frankie works with the banking industry. The group talked for about an hour covering the different types of benefits auditors provide. Risk consulting helps provide clients with better risk management. They help to make sure the correct controls are in place, by making sure the assets…show more content…
I always enjoy his information. He brings with him less experienced auditors (one to three year auditors) to give a closer example to what a student would be doing soon after entering this field. I enjoyed hearing the importance of communication. Communication is important to convey information to other auditors and to help clients. This is particularly interesting because Nancy and Frankie seemed unsure of what to talk about during the presentation. They seemed a little unprepared and Todd often had to jump in to move the presentation along. This shows why it is important to be able to speak in front of a group. Another thing that was brought up was that a person could learn the most from a bad manager. A bad manager will show a person what not to be like when that person is in a leadership role. Overall this presentation was informative and Todd, Frankie, and Nancy were easy to talk to after the
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