Toddler Developmental Delays After Extensive Hospitalization : Primary Care Practitioner Guidelines

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Authors of, “Toddler Developmental Delays after Extensive Hospitalization: Primary Care Practitioner Guidelines” Dana Lehner and Lois Sadler, investigated how extensive pediatric hospitalization of thirty days or longer could lead to developmental delays in toddlers. The investigation was conducted in order to raise awareness about the factors associated with developmental delay in toddlers related to the length of hospital stay. This article states that the average length of stay for most hospitalized children is around three to four days, which does not pose a threat to the development of children. Thirty days or longer spent in a hospital setting, however, typically requires intensive interventions than three or four day stays. Factors that predominantly have an impact on appropriate age-related development include factors such as the type of health condition, the length of stay, adaptations and coping mechanisms of the child as well as their family, the degree of parental involvement, and the frequency of acute exacerbations (Lehner, 2015). Authors Lehner and Sadler stress the importance of noticing the developmental delays to healthcare workers so that implementations can be developed to achieve full developmental potential.
Statement of conclusions about the overall quality of the article, validity of the information In general, the article itself is very well written and thorough regarding the content presented on the development of toddlers. Statistics from
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