Toddlers and Tiaras Essay

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Toddlers and Tiaras Essay
Every once in a while when I am channel surfing I run across a show called Toddlers and Tiaras. This show is a TLC hit reality show that follows children who are beauty contestants to beauty pageants. What I feel the show is really about are beauty pageant moms who put their daughters on this very harmful and destructive show that caters to mom’s and sometimes dad’s who are hungering for perceived excitement missing from their own lives. I feel that these children sometimes are physical abused and the children suffer psychological abuse because they are deprived the joys of childhood.
I believe that these mothers are living vicariously through their daughters, hoping their girls will receive the attention
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Critics of the show say that many parents are living their own fantasies through their children and those child beauty pageants can destroy self-esteem. They insist the pageants send warped messages to little girls that looking pretty and pleasing other people are most important. There is certainly no evidence that these toddler beauty pageants create anything but future women who are so self-absorbed that they will not know how to get a long in the world. This is because once the pageants are over, the little girl is no longer a tot with a tiara, yet expects the world to treat her like a queen.
I believe that there is a more serious problem and risk for the children on this show is that they become at risk for becoming a fodder for sexual predators. Their mothers turn a blind eye to the dangerous aspects of sexually exhibiting their young daughters. Also, disturbing is the physical abuse in the act of a parent of a five year girl whose mom had her eyebrows waxed, even with the skin being burnt off her face. In defense of the pageants and parents, they say that the pageants are fun and a healthy way to build self-esteem, poise, and accomplishment and even earn college scholarships. Some of the contestants like the beauty pageants because they are a way to bond with her peers and to make new friends. It also is actually a good
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