Together We Rise Research Paper

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Together We Rise Children who are put in foster care are at risk to abuse, neglect, and lack of needed resources. Although the system can be brutal and inhumane, there are people forming communities to improve these conditions. A non-profit organization by the name of Together We Rise, has been making a huge impact on the families by providing them with clothes, christmas gifts, transportation, and reuniting them with their siblings. The foster care system can often place children in cruel homes and unhealthy environments. For example, there was a girl named Melissa who entered the system at the age of two. She bounced back and forth between families. “ I spent five years with a lady who blew the monthly stipend from DCFS on her own kids…show more content…
The organization by the name of Together We Rise supports children with things that are out of reach. This society was founded in 2008 by a group of college peers who had a classmate whose cousin was surviving in a car. This inspired them to improve the mobility of children in America’s foster care. “By building awareness and fundraising we hope to better the lives of children and give them a sense of normalcy in their sometimes turbulent world”(“Together We Rise: Foster Care Support”). This goal explains how a majority of children in the system are unable to experience a normal and healthy living environment, but fortunately this group is willing to work for their rights. “Through Together We Rise we are able to provide children with a suitcase instead of traveling around with a trash bag. These suitcases, we like to call “sweet cases,” are filled with a blanket to keep them warm, a coloring book, crayons, hygiene kit and teddy bear so they will never feel alone.” (“Together We Rise: Opening Hearts to Foster Children”). While they are eager to make them feel comfortable in their living quarters, they are also inspired to give them the necessities that they don't have. In other words they are supplying them with objects that they can actually call
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