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Circuit Business Systems (CBS) began as a computer hardware company in the late 1980s; it has successfully transformed itself into an integrated solutions provider and service provider. A major part of CBS success is directly attributed to its committed use of information technology (IT).
IT has not only facilitated its business processes like operations, customer service and employee training but also integrated its information network with that of its clients to provide them with seamless after sales service, customer service support and other solutions.
This paper looks at how at the background literature on corporate strategies then how CBS evolved, then an overview of the industry then and finally the competitive
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The business environment at that time was very virgin in Kenya thus the company had good returns on the investment it had made.Mr.Owino who is the CEO of the top 100 rated midsized company explains that the government the corporate world were the major drivers of the sales volume the company was experiencing. This made the company attract the best talent in servicing and sales of the computer hardware parts.

Towards the end of the 90s CBS CEO says the business environment for the hardware market began to take a slump owing to the emergence of many small time players in the industry, with this he noted that things had to change, the big question then he asked himself was to change to what?

He called a meeting with the top cream of the management and they discussed the alarming nature the ROI was taking a beating, it was in this meeting that together with his team they decided to do business differently and introduce other solutions that differentiated Circuit Business from the other players through a variety of competitive advantage methods that are discussed below.
Product differentiation
Product differentiation is achieved by offering a valued variation of the physical product. The ability to differentiate a product varies greatly along a continuum depending on the specific product or service. Gary Armstrong and Philip Kotler(2009) note that differentiation can

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