Tok Essay - Ethics and Math

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10. 'Through different methods of justification, we can reach conclusions in ethics that are as well-supported as those provided in mathematics.' To what extent would you agree?
One could argue that mathematics and ethics are the underlying essentials above which our society has based itself. Scores of cities have built their infrastructures using measurements and methods founded in mathematics. Our inherent ethical natures have catalyzed the great minds from ancient civilizations to create democracies, and have enabled our generations to uphold these same moral principles. While both these studies are so readily used today, when comparing them it is essential in understanding at the same time the disparity between the two subjects. The
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Using whichever ethical lens that you feel encompasses your morals/values (deontology, utilitarianism, altruism, etc.), you can ultimately reach sound conclusions. But even so, there are so many more aspects to consider, especially when dissecting an ethical issue. So how can we then determine any "general" conclusions to ethics? By this, I am in essence making a referral to some sort of a general consensus to a universal query. It is up to the individual who is asked, is it not, on how they perceive the argument, and how they react to it? Can we therefore begin to view ethics as an intrinsic human reaction, a way of immediate analysis, or even the societal expectation that we carefully scrutinize every situation placed before us before concluding? This unique interpretation of ethics could completely reform how conclusions are made and what they might entail. If we take for example abortion, it is known that abortion is not a subject in which there are clear-cut solutions. I stand firmly with my belief that the choice of abortion is rightfully entrusted to women, but then again, I share a personal connection with this abortion issue. My mother, who in every way is my idol, has a sickness which inhibits her body’s ability to function at certain times. Three years ago, she became pregnant. Doctors predicted disabilities the baby could have due to medications my mother was taking. I admire my mother for her courage and
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