Token Economy Case Study

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A token economy is a system whereby participants earn generalized conditioned reiforcers (e.g., tokens, chips, points) as an immediate consequences for specific behaviors (Cooper, Heron & Heward, 2007). Gabriel is 7 year old boy that is an autism self-contained classroom. He has a difficult time transitioning from the different activities in the classroom. Gabriel has difficulty preparing for class, one-one work with the teacher, and special area’s (P.E., Music, & Art). Gabriel tantrums are defined as throwing work on floor, throwing him-self on the grown, and also kicking and screaming. The token selection for Gabriel is green check marks next to a daily task sheet. Every time Gabriel finishes an activity he will receive a green check mark next to the activity on the task sheet. The target behavior for Gabriel is completing the different activities. Gabriel will come into the classroom and get prepared for class. He will receive a green checkmark if task is complete. Task completion is defined as: putting backpack away and putting his journal on his desk, and remain seating at his desk. Next, Gabriel will work one on one with his teacher he…show more content…
In order to earn your green check marks you have to complete your task. Teacher will explain to Gabriel you need to earn your two checks (the minimum to get a reward) marks by Friday so you can select something from my treasure box. The teacher can say” the choice is yours Gabriel you can either earn green check marks or not”. I know you can do this Gabriel! On Friday you will be able to get cash in your check marks and receive something out of the treasure box. Based on his skill level I don’t think using response cost would be effective. I think this would only enhance his tantrums or he would shut down and not do any of his tasks that are
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