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Tokyo Fashion Corporation (Tokyo or the Company), one of the most famous online female apparel retailing companies in Taiwan, was founded by a young couple: Mayuki Chou and Ying-Tai Cheng in 2004. Before Mayuki Chou decided to set up the company, she just sold her second-hand clothes on the Internet. However, by her excellent sensitivity to fashion, lots of buyers enquired her about how to choose and match clothes for themselves. She had been considering the possibility of succeed if she did the business about selling attractive, highly fashionable but cheaper clothes to girls through the online platform, such as Yahoo! Shopping. After deciding, this young couple invested approximate 1,000 pounds as capital to found Tokyo Fashion Corporation at Yahoo! Shopping. Because of their effort, Tokyo had reached the highest ranking of online female apparel sellers at Yahoo! Shopping in 2005. After two years, the company started to sell its products via the Chinese largest-scaled online platform, Its sale revenues were up to nearly 4,000,000 pounds at that time. Tokyo also set up its first physical female apparel store in the capital city of Taiwan in 2009. The number of employees also increased from 40 people to 300 people during this 5-year period. By reason of the founder’s good sense of fashion, the revenues of this company have risen by 1.5 times at the same period. Since 2009, the sales and the size of Tokyo have been sharply increasing. The Company began to consider…

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