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Tokyo Fashion Corporation (Tokyo or the Company), one of the most famous online female apparel retailing companies in Taiwan, was founded by a young couple: Mayuki Chou and Ying-Tai Cheng in 2004. Before Mayuki Chou decided to set up the company, she just sold her second-hand clothes on the Internet. However, by her excellent sensitivity to fashion, lots of buyers enquired her about how to choose and match clothes for themselves. She had been considering the possibility of succeed if she did the business about selling attractive, highly fashionable but cheaper clothes to girls through the online platform, such as Yahoo! Shopping. After deciding, this young couple invested approximate 1,000 pounds as capital to found Tokyo Fashion…show more content…
Firms in the Taiwanese female apparel industry normally purchase their inventories from these three places: Chinese ready-made clothes factories, Wufenpu , and Dongdaemun . However, the unstable clothes supply from Wufenpu and Dongdaemun made Mayuki Chou and Ying-Tai Cheng decide to find reliable outsourcing producers in China. Therefore, they built an office in China to inspect the quality of products, receive commodities, and send goods back to Taiwan. OPERATIONAL PROCESS Of TOKYO FASHION CORPORATION According to Christopher et al. (2004), the main features of fashion industry include very short product life cycle, high volatility, low predictability, and high impulse purchasing. As a result, it is crucial that how a fashion company could quickly respond to market demand and incorporate consumers’ preference into its products (Christopher et al., 2004). In order to maintain its leadership position in the market, the Company’s strategies focuses on these parts (Tokyo Fashion Corporation Official Website: a. cheaper and affordable prices, b. short production and distribution time ( the Company emphasises each order would be delivered no more than three days after paying), c. convenience of return, d. customised dress-up service, e. variety, and f. highly fashionable design ( the Company produces and launches over one hundred new types of products to its
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