Tolstoy's The Death Of Ivan Ilyich

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The Death of Ivan Ilyich was a short, but is one of the greates of fiction. Ivan was a successful member of the state bureaucracy. Through out his life he had to do arrange it without complication. He is the perfect example of conforming, such as ‘’other-directed’’ man because he discovers the lies behind his successful life. The story opens with a deeplu significant way. The reader later on talks about Ivans early years. First, Tolstoy presents the death of Ivan. He told his wife and closets friends, Pete Ivanovitch. They were really worry about Ivan’s life than any other could be. They also worry about their own affairs. They pretend that feelings of ehat they do not feel. Ivans life could be concern for him after…show more content…
He sees people of good position doing the same thing. He is anxiously and proper.He makes a proper marriage because he tried to avoid his wife and children by domestic complications in the name of his job. With his private life, he public duties and tries to progress it. He better off in home as a in work. He naturally process his dying and educates him. In this quotation says ‘’his face was handsomer and above all more dignified than when he was alive.’’ This death means like a rescue. Ivan was really sick. Ivan encounter some trouble at work and he worked in Russican city. By January 1882, his condition got worst. What he does first is that he follows the docters advice, but than the ill didn’t improve, Ivan begins to loose hope of him not living. Ivan thinks hoe his life was. He didn’t care about anyone but instead he cared about his nurse name Gerasim that takes care of him. He sends his wife away and his wife gets mad because she wanted to stay with him because she is really worried and she argues with Gerasim. He begins to think about his unhappiness life. Ivan understood and finds some peace and understanding. At the time of his death Ivan hears a voice abovie him say ‘’It is finished,’’ informing Ivan new life, death, in the
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