Toluene Hydroealkylation Process

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TOLUENE HYDRODEALKYLATION PROCESS Toluene hydrodealkylation or hydrodealkylation of toluene (HDA) is a process that used to produce benzene. The reaction occurs as: Toluene + H2 Benzene + CH4 The process need toluene and hydrogen as a main reactor. Then, toluene and hydrogen are converted in a reactor packed with catalyst to produce benzene and methane. This reaction is exothermic and the operating conditions are 500 0C to 660 0C, and 20 to 60 bar of pressure. This process begins with mixing fresh toluene with a stream of recycle unreacted toluene, and the mixing is achieved in a storage tank. Then, the toluene is pumped to combine it with a stream of mixed hydrogen and fresh hydrogen gas. The mixture of toluene and…show more content…
It begins with combining of 108.7 kmol/hr of a fresh stream of toluene at 1.9 bar and 25 0C with a recycle stream of unreacted toluene in a storage tank at 2.43 bar and 112 0C. Then, the toluene is pumped through pump, with discharge pressure of the pump must be 25.5 bar. Next, this will pumped to a second storage tank where toluene is combined with a combined stream of fresh and recycle of hydrogen. The new two-phase stream is preheated to 163.9 0C, high pressure steam at 45 bar is used. This stream exist as the pre-heater as a one-phase stream because the toluene was vaporized. But then, the stream is introduced to the heater which used air to combust fuel gas to produce enough heat to raise the temperature of the stream to 600 0C. now, the reactor feed is completed as the stream at 24.81 bar of pressure at temperature, 600 0C which is necessary for reaction to occur. Then, the stream is introduced into the reactor which packed with catalyst where the main reaction to produce benzene happens. C7H8 + H2 C6H6 + CH4 This is exothermic reaction. By injecting hydrogen into reactor, the temperature is controlled. This hydrogen gas is injected at 40.4 kmol/hr, 25.5 bar, and at 44.96 0C. The exiting stream contains methane, benzene, toluene and hydrogen which exits at 24.81 bar and 671 0C. the process continues to the separator feed preparation phase. This phase begins with introducing the stream into a cooling water heat exchanger that cools the

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