Tom Barnardo: 18 Stepney

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Dr. Barnardo is the man who sent most of the children to Canada. About 30,000 children were sent under his name. He was from Ireland and he was a very kind hearted person. Before he was 17 he wanted to become a missionary for china, but one of his friends said “Why go to China when there are so many problems here?” so Barnardo stayed in England. In 1867, he and his significant other got married, and they got a house together. Tom Barnardo actually decided to turn his house into an orphanage, it was called 18 Stepney causeway. He had a lot of work on it, he had a carpenter, painter, plumber, and gas fitter all working to make it delightful for the kids. After all of the work, there was five dormitories that could hold six young lads.…show more content…
That led to tons of kids coming to the door of Barnardo’s. So Tom ended up buying every house on that block and even a few across the street. But even by then, more and more children kept on piling in, so Tom had to figure out what to do with all these kids. So of course, Canada was the best option he could think of. Then Tom thought that he couldn’t just send these kids to a random country. They had to know a trade before they could go. Brand new kids to Barnardo’s would go to 18 Stepney Causeway, then they would progress up through the different homes until they got up to Leopold House. Leopold house was where the children learned all their trades, like shoe-making, carpentry, engineering, blacksmithing, etc., and after they learned their trades they were set and ready for Canada. They would go to the top of Leopold, get their final picture with Barnado’s, and set off for the prairies of Canada. Now the probably the best thing about Tom is that he didn’t just send the kids and leave them, he was the only person of all the orphanages to check up on the children. Tom would send letters to the children to make sure that they were ok and happy where they were living. The Barnardo boys were most likely the happiest children that were
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