Tom Bombadil Character Analysis

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J. R. R. Tolkien expresses his attitude of good and evil in such a realistic form that I am convinced that it is one of the many reasons The Lord of the Rings is the second most read book in the world. There are opposing characters throughout this tale whose strengths are sometime parallel. Tom Bombadil is a character of great power. Behind his joyful and cheery demeanor, there is also great knowledge. He commands Old Man Willow and the one Ring has absolutely no power over him at all. His counterpart is the evil and all-seeing Sauron. This villain once took over the world of Middle-Earth and his hold was shattered by the line of Numenorean kings. At the time of the third-age, Sauron had no physical form but there was his evil, red,…show more content…
He himself died a warrior’s death in battle. Denethor of Gondor is a cold and callous man. It appears this difficult man has issues of his own as he is not the rightful heir to the throne. The Numenorean kings were great and exuded an extension of human capabilities, wisdom, and understanding. At one point, he argues to Faramir that Boromir would have brought him a “mighty gift” and expresses his desire for their fates to switch hands (Tolkien 795). His ideology and beliefs drove him to such an extent that he tried to murder his only other living son. The two characters that may have the most in common, yet are at such extremes ends of the morality pole is Frodo and Gollum. Frodo Baggins of the Shire is much like young Smeagol and the two share a connection over the ring that others could not dare understand. Smeagol becomes Gollum, a creature obsessed with the one ring. He is corrupted to the maximum degree and until the very end, his only wish is to be with his precious again. All characters must confront and overcome the destructiveness represented by the Ring. In the end, destroying evil does rid it completely. It is an ongoing battle the heroes of the tale face in being strong enough to continue to resist the power and temptation of the one Ring. The evil portrayed in The Lord of the Rings is seductive (The Lord of the Rings). It tempts anyone

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