Tom Brady : A Hero As A Hero

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Tom Brady can be defined as a hero in many ways. Tom Brady has been an underdog throughout his life. Whether one is talking about his high school, college, or NFL career, he has been considered a long shot, and many people doubted his capabilities. Tom Brady was born on August 3rd, 1977. Since he was very young he attended San Francisco 49ers games, and after watching Joe Montana, he fell in love with the sport and the quarterback position. Since that day, his football career took off, and the rest is history (“Tom Brady” 2017). Tom Brady is related to the Greek Heroes, Theseus and Achilles because he was not fearful and he showed his abilities when starting his first season as quarterback because he won the super bowl, which relates to Theseus and the Minotaur, and he got caught with deflate gate and got dragged around and got taken advantage of, like what Achilles did to Hector after he beat him. Tom Brady was picked in the sixth round of the 2000 draft by the New England Patriots. He did not start at Michigan until his junior year, and he did not have the physical build of a starting quarterback (“Tom Brady” 2017). He was tall and lengthy, and lacked a strong arm, which made it difficult for him to compare to others coming out of the draft that year. Because of his average abilities, he did not start his first year. He backed up Drew Bledsoe. However, his chance finally came in his second year in the NFL. In 2001 Drew Bledsoe got hurt, and Tom stepped in to fill his position (“Bledsoe Replaced by Brady” 2011). This is when Tom could really show himself off, and express what he could do. He led the patriots to an 11-3 record in the regular season, and won the rest of the games in the playoffs, including a super bowl upset against the Rams. Even if that is not remarkable enough, he went on and had a 40-12 record through his next 3 seasons (“Tom Brady” 2017). This shows his abilities and many attributes, such as his leadership, his ability to not be afraid, and his mindset to strive for greatness. This point is highly relatable to the Greek Mythology book, Theseus. They are relatable because the same attributes were expressed for Theseus as well as well as Tom Brady throughout their life’s. Theseus and the

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