Tom Brady In NFL History

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Tom Brady is the best quarterback in NFL history because he’s tied for the most Super Bowl wins for a quarterback, he also has two MVP trophies, and is on pace for another MVP season. Tom Brady overcomes the odds no matter what. He was a sixth round draft pick so there was very little faith in his ability as a professional quarterback.
Tom Brady's first year in the NFL was not fun. He was only able to play one game due to the fact that the quarterback position was filled. The next season would be a different story due to the fact that Drew Bledsoe the starting quarterback for the New England Patriots went down with an injury. Tom Brady silenced the doubters with 11 wins and 3 losses. That year Tom Brady took the Patriots to the Super Bowl against the St Louis Rams and won.
Tom Brady brought the Patriots to another Super Bowl two years after his first one. It was against the Carolina Panthers, who at the time were the clear favorites to win. Tom Brady had one of the best Super Bowl performances of all time. He threw for over 350 yards and three touchdowns. Tom Brady didn't have
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The Seahawks looked like they had it in the bag until they threw a game losing interception. After winning his third Super Bowl, Tom Brady was on top of the world, until a scandal about how he won his third Super Bowl was out. Officials say that the ball used in the AFC championship was underinflated by Tom Brady. Accusations started swirling about Tom Brady and if he really deserves a Super Bowl title. Eventually the ruling was overturned and Tom Brady was Scot free. No one knows if Tom Brady deserved his last Super Bowl. All we know is that he’s having another MVP type season and he might win another championship. So when it comes down to stats, awards, Championships, games won, and the obstacles he overcame Tom Brady is undoubtedly The best quarterback of all

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