Tom Brady

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Is Tom Brady really the G.O.A.T? Nobody thought they would be talking about Tom Brady going down as the best Quarterback in football history. Brady has been in the league for 15 years and has broken so many records and has some more to break. Brady also has a 172-51 win to lose record which is 3rd of all time for a Quarterback, he also has a couple more years in the League. Tom Brady is the Quarterback for the New England Patriots. He has won four super bowls and has won six AFC Championships. He is the only Quarterback to be picked in the 6th round and go on to six super bowls and win four of the six. Brady has also went to the AFC Championship five consecutive times NFL record, Brady is also the only Quarterback to win six AFC Championships. Tom Brady has had the best NFL career for a Quarterback ever, being picked in the 6th round many people did not believe he would be an amazing Quarterback like today. In 2007 Brady had the best season of his career going 16-0, he threw 50 touchdowns and threw for almost 5,000 yards with only eight interceptions. Brady would go on to the Super…show more content…
During halftime of the game the referees tested the balls and they were underinflated. The NFL announced that Tom brady would be suspended for four games in the 2016 season. Tom brady did not think it was fair for the NFL to accuse him without evidence, so Brady took the NFL to court. Brady did smash his phone before the NFL could investigate and use it for evidence a good reason some people would accuse Brady of being involved. After the season of 2015-16 was over the NFL announced that Tom Brady's four game suspension was back into full force. I do not think Brady will try to appeal this time, because he beat the court twice and what is the point when they come back and suspended him anyways. Everyone has their own opinion so what is yours did Brady really
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