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On October 23, three football players were born. These tiny toddlers would grow up to change the game of football altogether.
Tom Brahaney, a center that was unequivocally described as the winner of the best matchup in the game of the century, was born on my birthday. He had his clam to fame in college, but he also played professional ball for 9 years. Tom was large for the time at 6’2” and 230 lbs. He Played for Oklahoma, the second best team in the big 8,for his whole college career.
As an underclassman, he worked hard to keep his blocking grade over 90. Impressed, His coaches started him early in his sophomore year. During this time a new offensive scheme was put in place. The team decided to go with the new wishbone

offense. It made
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He started the season with four wins against Morgan State, Clemson, and Rutgers. After a ten point loss to West Virginia the outlook for BC began to look bleak again. He changed public perspective by winning four more games. This time he won against Temple, Yale, Penn State, and Army. After his next three games he clinched a spot in the Liberty Bowl. This was an achievement for any team, but for BC it was plain amazing. This was their first bowl game in forty years.
The stage was set, an all-out brawl between Notre Dame and Boston College at a frigid eleven degrees. The contest started with a swift Touchdown after a 63 yard drive dominated by passing. Flutie executed what seemed as a perfect drive except for the PAT. Boston’s kicker slipped on the frozen turf and the kick was blocked. ND quickly responded with their own TD and the games’ only completed PAT. After this point it became worse and worse for the BC Eagles. Most of their problems were special teams related. By the half BC was down 19 to 6.
In the second half the BC defense closed its gaps and got the ball back in Flutie’s hands. Flutie was able to start a comeback. This moved the score two 19-18. With 1:08 to go, Doug was unable to get the ball of in time before he was hit by pass rushers. The Final Score of the Liberty Bowl was ND 19 and BC
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Boston College lost only to West Virginia and Penn State. Doug’s best game of his career occurred during the 1984 season. The game still remember today was the 47-45 win against Miami. The play that makes this game and Flutie famous today is referred to as “The Miracle in Miami”. This is an excerpt from WRKO-AM broadcast transcript of the Hail Mary pass that won the game for BC, “Dan Davis: Here's your ballgame, folks, as Flutie takes the snap...He drops straight back...has some time...Now he scrambles away from one hit...looks...uncorks a deep one for the end zone...Phelan is down there...
Gino Cappelletti: Oh, he got it!
Davis: Did he get it?
Cappelletti: He got it!
Davis: Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown! Touchdown, Boston College! He did it! He did it! Flutie did it...He hit Phelan in the end zone...Touchdown!” We still compare current quarter backs back to Flutie and plays back to this one.
Flutie went on to win the Heisman Trophy after the 1984 season. He went on to play in the NFL where he participated in One pro

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